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Photo of 09/19/2015: Pure Prairie League
Home Phone: 573-775-2400
It’s rich history goes back to 1969 in the Southern Ohio area where a group of young musicians initially played cover tunes at local bars. Original member Craig Fuller and early member George Powell were beginning to stir their song writing abilities around the time original drummer Tom McGail happened to catch a late night 1939 Errol Flyn flick called Dodge City. The movie’s Pure Prairie League was the woman’s temperance union attempting to clean up Kansas’ most lawless town.
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Photo of 09/26/15 The Turtles and Flo and Eddie
Home Phone: 573-775-2400
Very few rock performers have remained as vital through the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s as have Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman… and as The Turtles, featuring Flo & Eddie, they continue to maintain a vigorous tour schedule. Two guys from Westchester. That’s how Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (AKA Flo and Eddie) refer to themselves. Two slightly bewildered kids thrust into the fast lane of rock ‘n’ roll stardom – hits, fame, national tours, hanging out with the Beatles, joining the Mothers of Invention, acting in the “200 Motels” movie, and on and on … Two guys from Westchester.
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Photo of Wildwood Springs Lodge
Wildwood Springs Lodge
Other 125 Grand Drive PO box 919 Steelville MO 65565
Work Phone: 573-775-2400
Wildwood.. It’s all about you…. you are the one that needs to relax, get-away, hide from the 21 century. You are the one that might like to read a book on the front porch with the morning sunlight and cool breeze, or maybe watch the fog burn off the river valley from the dining room’s porch holding a warm cup of coffee in your hands. You could also take a walk on one of the trails and enjoy the sites and sounds of Zahorsky Woods.      
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