Steelville Mo. Where the Rivers Run

In the early 1890's, on the upper stretch of the Huzzah, Woodlock Lodge the first resort in the area was built. In the 1910's the Grand of lodges like Birds Nest, and Indian Springs, were built.. All of these old lodges located right on the river, provided lodging, floating, canoeing, fishing and camping.

Then in the 20-30's bigger resorts like Wildwood Springs Lodge, Cobblestone, Eagle Hurst, and Fox Springs Were built. The Roaring 20's they were called. Each resort had it's own "Boat House" for the Canoes. Each resort had special lodging. Some had cabins, some had rooms in the Grand Old Buildings themselves.. All had Restaurants.. serving the American Plan with amazing food..

The Entertainment back then..?? Golf.. Wildwood Springs Lodge had it's own Golf Course.. Wildwood Springs Lodge.. Cobblestone.. Eagle Hurst and Fox Springs all had their own Horseback Riding, Canoeing, and Jon Boats for Fishing, the Meramec, Huzzah and Courtios for Large Month Bass.. Fishing for Goggle Eye.. Fishing for Trout... Then they would bring the Catch back for Dinner in the Restaurants.. for all to enjoy.. Wineries.. Yes.. Peaceful Bend has been around for years making many award winning wines.. many would go out on Over night Camping Floats.. roughing it in the wild..

Birds Nest and Indian Springs had camping right on the Meramec... and remember this was during Prohibition... I'm not going to say what happened.. might of been a few Loose Floats..

Then the Roaring 20's came to an End.. with " The Crash" and lives changed as we know it...
Then the Great War... many of the resorts and lodges were used as factories.. making bandages..

Then came the Dirty Dancing Era.... Wildwood Springs Lodge was packed from Sunday to Sunday... Bird's Nest had visitors from Chicago hitting the Meramec River in their Canoes.. and hitting the Cabins at night.. Cobblestone with its many Cabins and Great American Plan served up 3 meals a day..and Still does today.. Fox Springs with it's Cabins and Lodge had families come Year after Year.. same weekend each year.. everyone knew everyone..

Steelville hasn't really changed that much.. Wildwood Springs Lodge.. Still Running Strong with a Great Summer Season.. and World Renown Fall Concert Series where people come from around the world.. Cobblestone.. Still provides daily Floating.. American Plan.. Swimming Pool.. Fox Springs.. still going strong Birds Nest Resort.. Camping.. Rafting.. Lodging.. Restaurant.. right on the Meramec..

But wait.. there is so much more. Bass River Resort.. Lodging.. Rafting.. Canoeing.. Restaurants... Cabins.. right on the Courtios.. Ozark Outdoors.. Lodging.. Rafting.. Canoeing.. Restaurants.. Cabins.. Motel.. right on the Meramec
Huzzah Valley Resort.. The best resort on the Huzzah. Canoeing, rafting, horseback riding, cabins, camping relaxing. And it is the site of a civil war battle. Lots of area history.

Rafting Company. a family vacation resort on the banks of the Meramec river. The first on the Meramec to float rafts. Trophy bass, camping, swimming pool, cabins.

Garrisons, just outside of Steelville. Lots of room to spread out. Tent and RV camping, canoeing, rafting, and a pool. The Meramec River is their back yard.

Lucky Clover...with it's own private lake, tent and RV camping, right along the river. Cast your line, sit back, relax and watch the river go by.

Downtown Steelville.. is on the move. antiques, art crafts and food. Yadkin Creek flows just a block away from Downtown, and starts at Hoppe Spring Park. Steelville's Art Galley displays some of the areas finest, pottery, carving, painting, maybe something you have never seen. Mo Hick South.. BBQ restaurant.. and The Fountain.. Soda Fountain.. Two fine lunch choices. Ice cream at the old Soda Fountain, Sweet smoky BBQ.

So much more.... Come to Steelville Mo. Come wants you to have the best vacation possible, from finding the perfect the quaintest restaurants... to the best art galleries. is your Free Concierge service so please e-mail us with your questions about where to stay... to where to eat... or where to shop. can help you make reservations for lodging... camping... to concerts tickets at Wildwood hopes you have a wonderful vacation at what we think is the best place on earth,

" The Garden of the Ozarks," Steelville Mo.

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