Hike the many trails in the Ozark Mountains, near Steelville, Missouri.

Photo of Berryman Trail
Phone: (573) 438-5427
This trail traverses 24 miles of scenic Ozark countryside starting at the site of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp of 1937 and winding through timbered stands and fields. The hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding offer one a pleasant measure of solitude and quiet. Two small primitive campgrounds are available for use. Bicycling Magazine called it 24 miles of Missouri’s finest single track, the best single track East of the Rockies and West of the Appalachians. That about sums it up. Some long climbs, some long downhills. Everywhere is just beautiful, especially in the fall. Some of the trail is super rocky, so hang on. Never a dull moment. Everything you could want and more. 3 and 1/2 hours is a good time to ride. That’s just pedaling time.  Most humans need a break. Recommended Route: Start at either Brazil Creek or Berryman camps. For More Information Potosi/Fredericktown Ranger District 10019 Hwy 8 West, Potosi, MO 63664 Phone: (573) 438-5427 Fax: (573) 438-2633 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30
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Photo of Dillard Mill State Historic Park
Dillard Mill State Historic Park
142 Dillard Mill Road Davisville MO
Phone: 573-244-3120
A red mill set on the blue waters of Huzzah Creek is as pretty a picture as there is in Missouri, and that’s the setting for Dillard Mill State Historic Site. The site interprets one of the state’s best-preserved gristmills, completed in 1908. Most of the machinery in the mill is still intact and original to the building. If you like the outdoors, the site’s location on Huzzah Creek in the Ozarks provides plenty of opportunities to fish, hike, picnic or just dream about the past.
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Photo of Hike the Zahorsky Trail
Located on the Meramec River just north of Steelville, Zahorsky Woods is an ideal place for a nature hike in the spring, summer, or fall. This fifty-six acre woodland is enhanced by a mixture of ridges, ravines, bluffs and bottomlands with a diversity of natural communities. During even a short visit to this site, one can sample a broad range of interesting topographic features that characterize the Upper Ozark Region.
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Photo of Hoppe Springs
Hoppe Springs
204 S. 4th Street Steelville MO 65565
Phone: 573-775-5915
The refreshing Spring water flows from Hoppe Spring Park into the Yadkin Creek which flows through Historic Steelville.  There is a walking trail to walk along the creek from Hoppe Spring Park to the Steelville City Park.  Enjoy watching the ducks.
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Photo of Huzzah Conservation Area
Phone: 636-441-4554
The Ozark Hiking Trail transects most of the area and allows hikers access to many of its unique features. The Narrows, located in the extreme southwest portion of the area, is a narrow hogback ridge divided between Huzzah and Courtois Creeks that features extremely steep topography and rapidly changing vegetation from ridge to creek bottom. The remains of the Scotia Furnace and Iron s are located on the property.
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Photo of Maramec Spring Park/ Meramec Spring trout Hatchery
Maramec Spring Park/ Meramec Spring trout Hatchery
21304 Meramec Spring Drive St. James MO 65559
Phone: (573) 265-7124 Phone: 573-265-7801
Maramec Spring is an exceptionally beautiful spring and produces an average of 96,000,000 gallons of water per day.  The spring branch here is a mile long, with no fishing allowed upstream of the road bridge.  Unlike the other three Missouri trout parks, Maramec has no separate fishing zones. Owned and operated by the foundation authorized and funded up by Mrs. Lucy Wortham James, 300 of the park’s 1800 acres are available for public use. From 1826 to 1876, this area was the site of Maramec Iron s, the first successful ironworks west of the Mississippi. In addition to trout fishing, Maramec Spring Park has a nice reception center, cafe, campground, picnic areas, two museums, playgrounds, hiking trails, tennis courts, and the historic ironworks for which it is so well known. For more information about Maramec Spring, be sure to see the website of The James Foundation located at http://www.maramecspringpark.com or call the James Foundation office at (573) 265-7124.  The hatchery office telephone number is (573) 265-7801, and you can reach the Maramec Museum at (573) 265-3527.
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Photo of Onodaga Cave State Park
Onodaga Cave State Park
7556 Hwy H. Leasburg MO 65535
Phone: 573-245-6576
Descend into the depths of Onondaga Cave State Park and drop into a world of wonder: towering stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active flowstones help make the cave a National Natural Landmark and illustrate why Missouri is often called “The Cave State.” Visitors can take guided tours into the underground wonderland. But if you prefer the surface, the park’s Vilander Bluff Natural Area provides a panoramic view of the Meramec River. Easy access to the Meramec River allows visitors to canoe or fish in a bucolic setting.
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Photo of Ozark Trail
This section is the gateway to the Ozarks–starting at Onondaga Cave State Park, opening into the lead district of Missouri, view variegated wildlife, flora, and scenery and end up at Hazel Creek on the south. Four trail heads are available.
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