POCO Songs and Stories

POCO Songs and Stories, at Wildwood Springs Lodge, Sep. 21, 2024, Steelville MO

Rusty was a Very Dear friend, he taught me a lot about the Music business. He taught me to never produce the same show twice, alway mix things up, always use the best musicians and Always.. stop with the Crowd wanting more… Well… that’s what we are going to do..

Rusty’s and Poco music will never die.. Crazy Love is played in our local grocery store just like all the other grocery stores in the Country.. Yeah, I might not run into Rusty like I used to all the time at the Local Grocery store.. Rusty loved to Cook.. and drink his wine. The Music still needs to be heard.. we need to hear the Music.. So just as Rusty Taught me.. Mary and I wanted to use the Best.. This is NO cover band.. This is the Poco Band. Jack Sundrud, Michael Webb, Rick Lonow, Ronnie Guilbeau and with Special guest Michael Kelsh