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Photo of Mound Ridge Retreat & Mission Center
Mound Ridge Retreat & Mission Center
31 Agape Ln Cook Station MO 65449
Phone: 573-265-3098

Mound Ridge Retreat and Mission center is a hidden gem nestled in the Missouri Ozark countryside, overlooking the headwaters of the upper Meramec river. Mound Ridge is a place where it is easy to relax in nature, a place where our spirits can be renewed and refreshed, a place where you can slow your pace and connect with your friends and family.

Mound Ridge provides excellent hospitality with our many facilities and is a great weekend or vacation destination place, in all seasons. During the summer we hold various camps for ages 6-15. We welcome families, day use, weddings, and groups of all kinds including mission groups.

Come. Explore. Experience the beauty!

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