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Photo of Missouri Hick Barbeque
Missouri Hick Barbeque
913 East Washinton St Cuba Mo 65453
Phone: 573-885-6791

Missouri Hick is the pride of Dennis Meiser, a master BBQer and woodworker whose skills are all over the place. From the hand made tables and chairs to the cedar stairs leading up to the balcony there is no mistaking the skill that went into the place.

Handcrafted tables are nice but food is king at Missouri Hick. All of our meats are seasoned with our special rub and then smoked overnight for 12 full hours. After resting you would need a rest too if you had just spent the night in a smokehouse) the meats are ready to serve with your choice of house sauces. Served with your favorite beer or wine it is a match made in Hillbilly Heaven. Make sure you all leave room for some cobbler.

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